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Ramos Custom Guitars


“Quite an addictive guitar. Very resonant and lightweight; it’s a guitar that’s hard to put down once you get going.”
CR Guitars



Designed with comfort in mind, the DR-I is a set neck stunner made with a very light weight chambered body. It is then capped with a bound figured select maple top. The neck’s heel is gracefully blended into the body in a way that’s as comfortable as it is beautiful.


With all the design features of the DR-I, the DR-II has the added luxury of a premium carved arched maple top.


For those of you who love the classics, the Constellation was inspired by combining the best features of mid-sized early single-cutaway arched top guitars. Designed specifically with blues/rock players in mind, this model and it’s jazz variant are still in development.


This balls-out, purpose designed fusion/rocker will feel like home to anyone acquainted with a tremolo system capable of articulate vocal phrasing. Featuring a contoured solid body with a full fret access bolt-on neck, it comes equipped with Dom’s latest pickup design. This rocker will blow the roof off the garage.

Custom Built

Ramos Pickups


Ramos Custom Guitars is a brand new guitar company with a history that dates back to the 1960s.

If you found this website then chances are you already know about Dominick Ramos because of his legendary hand-made guitar pickups. They can be found in some of the greatest instruments built in America and abroad. They combine tone that can only be achieved when a pickup is custom wound for a specific guitar, with the beauty of materials chosen for the guitars color scheme and design motif.

Over the years Dominick has built many instruments for some of the best musicians around. Virtually all of them were one-of-a-kind custom built instruments made to order for a specific player’s needs.

But that was then.

Dom and his partner, Michael West, are currently designing a line of instruments that can be made in small batches of six or eight at a time. They’ll have all the beauty, playability and tone that his custom guitars are known for, while being available at a price point that should please professional players and collectors alike.

The prototypes are up and running and the refinements are being made. New, innovative pickup designs are being tested and will be in production soon.

For now the focus is on four basic models: The DR-I, The DR-II, The Constellation and the Thunderbolt.

Dominick Ramos

Back in the ’60’s, Dom was learning to repair guitars and wind pickups with Dan Armstrong during the day and playing bars with his band at night. After moving to Woodstock in 1969, he became the go-to guitar guy for all of the local players. This started his lifelong commitment to the electric guitar.

Michael West

Michael has spent the last 30 years designing and fabricating architectural mill work.  About 10 years ago – he stopped making staircases and fireplace mantels and focused his attention on necks and bodies.